Monday, January 24, 2011

Shaker Lemon Pledge Rubber Pie

Shaker Lemon pie really does taste like Lemon Pledge - Rebecca was right in the comments.  And the texture was rubber because it was, after all, whole lemons sliced thin, mixed with suger and eggs.

  Baked in a double crust.

I cannot recommend it.

Is this a faux pas to take a photo of food remnants?  We all left the rubbery bits on our plates.  And then I threw away the magazine page with the recipe and moved on.  Better treats to come!

P.S. I'm taking photos nearly every day for Shoestring Chic this Wednesday, in hopes of liking the ones I share.  Am I really that vain?  Or is my house just impossibly dim?


  1. It always takes a lot of pictures for me to get just a couple I like - lighting is just one of the things - especially when you have children around that stick toys and their 'funny' faces in just when the shutter opens!

  2. So disappointing spending time and money to make something that is a flop, but I'm sure we all do it occasionally. I remember that article, and I have a much better recipe for a buttermilk pie than the one they shared, too. I tried theirs, and didn't like it nearly as much.

  3. Our house falls into the impossibly dim category. I can't take a decently lit picture to save my life!

  4. I'm glad you're sharing your flops, too.

  5. Gee all that food to waste. I hate when that happens! That is where dogs and chickens come into play. They eat anything! Got you on the photo shoot thing. Hard to take a picture without toys, and things in the way. Just when i think I have it right I notice something that shouldn't be present. At least you are having fun...........right?

  6. Hah! One time a made a key lime pie and the recipe called for whole limes, pureed. It was too sour to swallow despite the copious amount of sugar.

  7. Christian, aaaaaand immediately I think, ooooh, pureed limes, how odd: I want to make that! You know, maybe if it had a little more sugar. . . . (somebody stop me!)

    I was looking at Lemon Meringue Pie recipes this morning. I think I haven't gotten citrus pies out of my system yet.


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