Thursday, January 27, 2011

Genevieve Makes Dumplings

I was just about to mix up the dumplings for chicken and dumplings the other night when it occurred to me that Genevieve might like to help. 

Now this is rare.  In theory, I want to invite my children into my work sphere, regularly and gently instructing them in the domestic arts.  In reality, I am usually too short on patience to be kind (I don't want them to associate my work with exasperation) or my work involves sharp knives, fire, and hot water.  Or just water, which my children somehow manage to transform into a Game That Makes Water Fly Around.

But this evening, thank you God, I had enough patience and presence of mind.  So Genevieve mixed up dumplings and even cracked open her first egg.  And then she calmly, while conversing with her brother, dropped globs of dough into the boiling stock. 

It was delicious and she was sweetly accepting, but not surprised, at our compliments.  I think my girl will be a good cook!


Jennifer Jo said...

The final picture? Lovely.

In our house (for the most part), if I'm in the kitchen, the kids are out. And if they're in the kitchen, I'm out.

Tracy said...

As they have gotten older, like Jennifer Jo above me, I tend to leave the kitchen when my children are cooking. They are good cooks, but I tend to be over-bearing, and make them nervous. No sense in that!
Good for Genevieve; good for you!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh yes, she will be a lovely cook indeed. I'm sure of it.

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

She will be a good cook because she comes from a long line of them..........well at least mom and grandma. Right?

Unknown said...

Bravo! I know just what you mean! I'm trying to involve my children in what I'm doing, teaching them and helping them, but then chaos strikes and it's "everybody out! Go read a book while Momma finishes this up!"
But, it gets better each time you try : ) Then, before you know it we'll be saying "Hey, can you put the pasta in for me? I'll be in, in just a minute!"
....maybe I'm dreaming! ; )

Beth said...

Hooray for kitchen help! Good practice for them.

Sometimes I have to tell mine no to helping simply because I must get it done quickly :-)

Deanna Beth said...

Wonderful! We just had Chicken and Dumplings last night and imagine my pride and satisfaction when I asked 11-year-old Sophie to please mix up the dumplings for me. That's it. I just asked her to and set about working on the sides, knowing we'd have perfect dumplings because of her.

Anonymous said...

I love your series of pictures. They turned out great, and the cooking event looks like a smashing success. Hurray for you and G!