Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Boy's Hankies

Not only does Genevieve have a runny nose, hankies, and a little fabric envelope for the hankies, now Ben does too.

I collected a few vintage hankies this fall and made him a fabric envelope of sorts to corral them.  It was in his Christmas stocking.  Although the hanky envelopes are on their bedroom dresser right now, I want to relocate them downstairs, sort of like personal tissue boxes. 

I used a pocket from an old pair of jeans for the back, red plaid for the lining. I eeked out a few more scraps of the great cowboy print for the front. All topstitched in red.   It's designed a little differently from Genevieve's:  more like a pillow sham with the overlapping flaps.

He likes the squirrel hanky the best.


  1. I went and got hankies for the boys a couple weeks ago - blue for the oldest, red for the youngest. They have white for at church. They feel like Big Boys with the hankies in their pockets : )
    I have my own too - white embroidered with lace - that I keep in my purse.
    Now, my husband claims he'll never use a 'yucky' white hankie...I just need to find some black ones for him ; )

  2. I just bought a boatload of hankies---48, to be exact (I think). Now we can ALL be snotty at the same time and we still won't run out!

    That squirrel hankie is too cute to get snotty.

  3. I still have all my hankies from childhood on. Back in the 1960's in Europe hankies were still the in thing. However the ones with fancy edges now drape over shelves to show off pretty things. I still have my childhood stash.

    Ben chose the best hankie. The squirrel is the nicest one. I like your idea of a hankie pocket. I just don't like the idea of used ones being stashed back in there! Sorry I have issues with used wipes and such.

  4. Farmgirl, no worries. Only the clean ones are in the hanky pocket. The ones in use are carried around in pants pockets until they are ready for the wash. Every load of wash has some cloth wipes and hankies in it!

  5. You know, I have a pile of nice hankies from my Grandmother. I was trying to think of a nice craft project to do with them. I'm embarressed to admit it didn't occur to me to just use them... :)Thanks!

  6. I love, love, love the collection of vintage hankies that I inherited from my Grammy. I carry one with me all the time, and they have saved my life so many times. OK, maybe not my life...but have certainly made living with a toddler easier. Plus they're eco-friendly and beautiful to look at.


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