Saturday, January 22, 2011

Purple Coat, Green Coat

The purple puffy down coat that was supposed to last Genevieve for two winters:  $4 at the thrift store. It had a few splits in the fabric, was showing its age, but working just fine for hogging in the snow.  But then the zipper broke and, having been warned by Rebecca, I knew I would need to have it professionally replaced:  $25.   This is the same weighing I have had to do several times regarding repairs on the ancient car, versus expensive new car.  Out the coat went.

And here is the replacement, $17 at the kids' consignment shop, so I came out ahead!  It has a special interior pocket labeled "valuables" - for, you know, cherry chapstick.  A beautifully sturdy down coat that should last through next winter, but oh dear, the light color means it constantly looks grubby and the down takes special laundering.  Lesson learned.

I suit up the children in snow pants, coats, mittens, and boots and send them out.  I tell them if they are out long enough to get roses in their cheeks, they can have hot chocolate when they come in.  No more five minute outside play stints!


Tracy said...

Really, special laundering? I've had down coats in the past, and the only thing I do differently is throw a few (new) tennis balls in to the dryer with the item to fluff the down as it dries. My items have always come out beautifully. You may want to try it!

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Love the get-up of layers.
I have always bought the kids funky coloured snowsuits because winter is drab enough. I like to be able to see them outside in the snow. That said I have done some bad choices in colours as well. Ones that look quite worn as dirt will not come off the light colouring. But what is more important? How the suit looks or how warm it keeps them.

Have replaced many coat zippers in the past. One hour to rip out, $9.00 zipper and one hour to put in. Your consignment buy was a steal.

Janelle said...

Ditto on washing down in the machine. I do our coats, comforters, everything.

Beth said...

I am always challenged by your careful consideration over purchases!

Great find on the coat and I LOVE your "play in the snow rule!"

Margo said...

Farmgirl, I wish you were my neighbor! I would run the coat over to you to replace the zipper - and I would watch you so I knew how to handle it in the future.

As for the laundering, the purple coat was not hard, but the green coat has to be held under water until it's saturated or else it just floats merrily around.

I consider the dryer "special" because I line dry most everything. G's coat takes two rounds in the dryer with the tennis balls and even then, I have a hard time telling if it's dry the whole way through.

Rebecca said...

Farmgirl....I would love to watch you, too! The zipper I replaced in my husband's coat is slowly falling out of the little sandwich between the lining and the outer layer. Did you use your zipper foot with all those layers?

Karena said...

The hot chocolate picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

G is adorable! Hot chocolate for me too please, although we have no snow to speak of. You all have just sent us the cold temps instead! I stink at zippers in general, so I heartily support your consignment find. Good for you!