Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day

My husband's early morning meeting, the one he asked me to make breakfast for, was postponed until next week. I was secretly relieved - I get nervous and doubt myself when I cook for his colleagues.  This breakfast needed to be warm finger food carried downtown by my husband.  I made Cinnamon Raisin Twists (from Recipes from the Old Mill) which rise overnight in the fridge.  Normally, I don't glaze them, but I was baking to impress here, so I drizzled the twists with lemon glaze.  I am counting this as my successful test run. 

We ate some for breakfast - perfect with a cup of mocha (half coffee, half hot chocolate).

Then we all walked to market together and came home with mums in addition to groceries.  Genevieve asked why.  I told her to cheer us up and give us something pretty to look at. 

And so I could indulge my fancy of marching these limonata bottles down the center of the table.



Jennifer Jo said...

That's a nice fancy.

Unknown said...

I picked up a bunch of daffodils at market today! Great minds think alike : ) They were just calling for me to take them home with me, tucked in with the bread and eggs!

A said...

Doubt youself?? Are you out of your freaking mind? Believe me, not many people are bringing fresh cinnamon twists to meetings, let alone lovingly handmade by their ridiculously talented partner. I've said it before, living with you would be like living at a restaurant. Your stuff is good! Deal with it!
p.s. Love you.

Beth said...

Those look yummy!

And the flowers...a breath of fresh, springy air in winter!

Melanie said...

What a lovely idea - there is something so cheerful about flowers - especially in the grip of January!

Tracy said...

I'm sure the colleagues will be very pleased and impressed once the do get to eat those cinnamon rolls.

And the mums? They are the perfect little pick me up. Winter can get one down, can't it? I don't mind the snow so much, but we've had gray, dreary days since Friday, and I'm very tired of it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for my husband to work at an office again so that I can bake fancy things for him to take to his co-workers. I'm so envious that you get to do so. And envious that I can't gobble up one of those twists right this very minute. They look perfect!

Crystal said...

I think a bouquet of flowers would give me a needed pick me up. Maybe next time I'm town, I'll indulge!

I must agree with A about doubting yourself, but I also know what you mean. Baking is one of those things that no matter how much experience you have, all your efforts can be thwarted in any number of ways!