Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Thank You Note to Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,

I enjoy reading about your family on your mother's blog.  You get up to some crazy things sometimes!  So when you started your etsy shop, Smashing for Pretty, I was interested because I like you and your family.  But once I looked at the jewelry, I loved it for its own, beautiful simple sake. 

Thank you so much for giving away a necklace - I'm so glad I won!  I wear my necklace almost every day and pretty often, I get compliments on it.  So I tell them about Smashing for Pretty (which is the coolest shop name ever).

I hope that you enjoy your business as long as you have it.  Thanks again for my beautiful necklace!


When I was in high school, I admired a photo of a model wearing a gold  necklace, very similar to my Smashing for Pretty one, with a red scoop neck shirt and a scarf tied around her neck.  Getting this necklace and wearing it with a scarf fulfills a very old longing for me.  So satisfying.


  1. I love the way you layer and use colors of the same tone in different shades - very chic! The necklace goes with everything, so simple and pretty : )
    Nice Pictures!

  2. Margo I had seen somewhere that you had won this and I thought great because I know she will wear it. And you do so handsomely.
    I had a question for you.
    I noticed you have added some things to your Etsy shop.
    Do you sell much? I have been thinking of doing some smocking for it but so far only got as far as making a shop

  3. Margo, this is so, so sweet. It warms the cockles of my heart. I really like the last photo---such pretty colors.

    I'm thinking that it's time I set myself up with a quarter necklace. I'm jealous of yours, which is perfectly ridiculous seeing as I can make one for myself any time I choose.

  4. Thank you for the letter, Margo. It was nice, and I'm glad you like the necklace.


  5. Farmgirl/Marlyn,
    It's not a straightforward answer. I sell some stuff, but not as much as I was hoping. To see any etsy shop's sales, just look at the sidebar and find "sales" - mine says "20 sales" and click on that link. You can see what listings sold when. Most of my things have sold to friends and family so far.

    I think etsy shops connected to blogs are a very good idea - gets the word out better.

    I also have ruffle scarves in a local shop, and they are selling slowly and steadily.

  6. Eva, you have a sharp eye. My family actually pokes fun at me for wearing different shades of one color all together. But it's true: I love it! Thank you for your compliment :)

  7. If no one has told you that you're photogenic, they should have. You are!

  8. Lovely necklace! And, I adore that last photo. Beautiful.

  9. Very cool necklace! You definitely wear it well, esp with the scarf. xo

  10. Stunning necklace, and you wear it so well.

    Because of problems I've been having with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

    The new address is:

    florrie x

  11. How gorgeous is that necklace??? I love it, and it makes me happy to know you didn't have to pay for it. Whoohoo for you! Lucky duck!


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