Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shoestring Chic: #1

A straightforward teaching getup:

1.  pearls - bought when I was 18 (so yes, more than 10 years old)
2.  scarf - cast off from my grandmother, but owned since college anyway
3.  green lambswool sweater - $22 Land's End clearance (and almost 10 years old!); this is the sweater I want to cut into a cardigan.  I have all the supplies, just not the confidence yet.  I've been reading bloggers who refashion sweaters to work up my nerve.
4.  silk long sleeved tee, under the sweater - older than 10 years
5.  black wool skirt which I shortened to knee length - cast off from Aunt Mim
6.  black tights - $7
7.  black shoes - $26 on sale from Maryland Square (it's expensive to have big feet! good, leather shoes in my size usually run at least $100, so these were a super bargain).

total: $55

If you want to play along, read the back story here, the "rules" here. Add your link below and check out what everyone is wearing!


Kylie M. said...

Hey Margo~ Mom & I both took photos of our outfits and I posted it on my blog this a.m. But I can't figure out how to link it here. What do I need to click on to add my link?

Margo said...

Kylie, I think I fixed it. I hope you can link your photos now! Thanks for playing along.

Kylie said...

Thanks, I saw the box to post my link in this time. I love your outfit and am eager to see the sweater to cardigan transformation!

Anonymous said...

Oh Margo. I had plans. Such plans! But as you will read, none of it came to fruition. I admire your picture and outfit so much more. You're my thrifting hero!

Rebecca said...

How, in the name of all that's holy, do you all remember what you paid for your socks?! I'm afraid I can't fully play along due to a shockingly disorderly brain.

Today I'm wearing a homemade dress with fabric and pattern bought from JoAnn's. My tights are 3 years old and purchased from the Menno Walmart. My shoes are pretty elderly...5 years?

My sweater belongs in a category you haven't addressed: "Huh. Wonder where this came from. The sweater fairies?" I honestly have no idea where this slightly moth-eaten ( with a vaguely 80's cut) gray cardigan with 2 little pockets came from. It appeared in my sweater trunk some time over the summer. If I stole it from any of you girls, let me know and I'll return it with apologies.

life in this 1880 farmhouse said...

Margo I have great plans to join you on this fun adventure, but was called into my folks today, driving over an hour in a terrible snow storm. Now at home, cows and sheep to bed, I feel that is the spot for me too. next week I shall be better prepared....(maybe;))

The first photo of you is amazing.You must have German in you? Those green almond shaped eyes.You are a very pretty gal.

Anyway I thought the outfits had to be homemade and thought wow we were going on a sewing binge here. Phew! I was wrong.

Great outfit. Loads of fun.

Margo said...

Farmgirl, you have a sharp eye (ha). I'm Swiss German all the way, for generations.

Yes, get your sleep and next time, I'll be watching for your thrifty chic.

Tracy said...

This was fun, although I didn't ever get around to taking a photo today. I did get dressed for it, but my shoes would've made me the loser, anyway. ( Not because I wear fancy shoes, but because my feet hurt if I don't wear Danskos these days, and they don't come cheap.)

So, in a nutshell, I wore a jumper made of gray suiting fabric that was hand-sewn about 6 years ago. I love that it isn't frumpy, but looks quite put-together. About $25 for the pattern and fabric. Pale pink turtleneck with a faint white paisley print, again, about 6 years old. $8 on sale. Pearl earrings that I've owned since high school- free. A 1920's pin given to me by my grandmother in law. And my black Dansko mary-janes. $115. Yikes! ( I don't generally wear tights or hose.) Total cost-$148.

Marie said...

My friend Eve Girl suggested I link what I posted yesterday. I'm all about being thrifty. Not all that I wear is thrifted but I like my sales! I spent $15 today at a store I love. I got 3 pairs of tights, a pair of over the knee socks. Two long sleeve shirts and a thick fun black cardigan :)

I love being creative and thrifty. :)

Jacinta said...

Alrighty I'm stuck as yesterday I was a day before you (and didn't take a pic) and today I'm the day AFTER you! (and I didn't take a pic!) LOL. I think next time I'll have to do the day before you so that I can get a post up in time to link.
Today and yesterday I went thrift shopping too. (and on Monday! It's such a good time of year to go thrifting as everyone is culling!)
Today I wore a red tee with some details. I think $30. Denim skirt (originally thrifted). $5. Green patterned wedges (thrifted) $5 and rose flower pin (nicked off mum) and earrings. (gift). Total : $40. YAY.
Yesterday was patterned blouse (thrifted) $5, grey pants $50, leather flats $90 and earrings (gift). $145. Total bargain. ;)
Let me know when the next one is and I'll do the day before.

Oh and this week at the thrift stores I bought two skirts, two l/sleeve tops, summer scarf, and this awesome lightweight jacket! So excited. I am having much more luck at thrift stores.
xo MODELmumma

Margo said...

Tracy, I wear a lot of Danskos too and like I said in my post, my shoes are usually not cheap! How in the world do you stay warm in winter without socks?!

Marie, welcome, and thanks for linking. Your red skirt is very cute.

Jacinta, good tip on thrifting right now. I'm not sure I should replace some of the things I culled though! Also, if you have a blog post to link, go ahead. I'm not planning to close the comments or the linky.

Beth said...

I love your challenge! What a fun idea. I wish I had an outfit and a link to throw in, but alas...I do not.

I will say that my fave thrift store item from the last few years is a really old (you can tell by the label) Jordache (haha!) blazer that is faux suede, but really looks like real suede. Love it!