Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A big reunion on my mother's side last weekend; this has been the summer of reunions for my family (this is the fourth and one to go yet).  We wore color-coded nametags that traced our lineage, a brilliant idea.  So my nametag read Luke (my grandfather, the first generation of this reunion of his siblings and their families), Naomi (my mother, his daughter), Margo.  My children's names were the fourth line on their nametags.  I think all reunions should come with such handy nametags!

One of the events was a little family auction to raise funds for the reunion.  I bought my great-grandmother Katie's dutch oven for $15!  It needs to be seasoned.

(that fluorescent white spot is my spoon rest - my photography skills aren't up to figuring out what went wrong)

Ben had fun meeting a cousin. 

And then there was the after-reunion around my table with my brother and sister-in-law who live far away, the traditional Sunday night popcorn and mish mash.  A lovely weekend of catching up with family.


Laura said...

How nice! Family reunions are such fun!

That dutch oven will be nice for cooking with this fall and winter.

Leila said...

What a good idea for an auction! It would be a fun way to get a home for all those THINGS that grandmas accumulate!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh fun! You scored on that Dutch oven.

Methinks Ben could use a baby sister!

Margo said...

Leila, exactly. Our reunion auction is generally composed of small heirlooms and handmade items; the really important family heirlooms are carefully handed down inside individual families. We also only do this auction every 5 years when we have what is known as "the big push" and all the farflung cousins and families try really hard to come; so I got to see family from Tennessee, California, Canada, and Georgia who don't usually come to the yearly reunion.