Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chubby Red Teapot

I finally found my birthday present, when I wasn't even looking for it.  My birthday was in March, but I could not find an everyday teapot that I liked for a price I could stomach.  I already have a frilly, packed-away chintzware teapot and I saw plenty of those for sale.  What I wanted was sturdy, bright, and simple.  As I stood in line to pay for undies at TJ Maxx last week, there it was and when I turned it over, it was only $5.99.  Hooray!

I'm already planning a tea cozy.

Unless I think of something better, the teapot will be tucked beside the microwave for easy grabbing and a little eye candy.   You understand why it's not going in my coffee and tea cupboard from this photo.

I'm ready for cool weather now!

I wonder how long I will reflexively, abstractedly shop through china sections in stores before I remember with a jolt that I can stop looking:  I have my teapot.  Surely I'm not the only one who does this!


Jennifer Jo said...

So chubby cute I'm surprised it doesn't have dimples!

Jacinta said...

Oooh shiny and red! I love a good cuppa.
I'm a March baby too! :)

Unknown said...

That's a cheerful tea pot! Red is such a great color...I love the simple, sweet shape too! I'm looking for a white one - similar size and shape as yours ( with maybe a scalloped edge too : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful teapot! I'm in the middle of knitting my best friend a cashmere tea cozy. I'm telling you, the knitting projects that you could accomplish if only you'd give in to my (subtle) persuasion!

Deanna Beth said...

Why shouldn't everything on our counters be so adorable?

Laura said...

I love that red! And I love teapots! I have a good tea cosy pattern (knit) I can recommend. I knit one in this pattern and plan to do more:

And here's the one I made for my daughter-in-law:

Margo said...

Laura, thanks for the links. I read the instructions for knitting the cozy and oh man, I think it's too advanced for me. But I do want to advance in my knitting skills, so maybe I should try.

Crystal said...

Yeah, so glad you found your teapot. It's beautiful!

Oh and I finished my first dishcloth and am starting another!