Thursday, August 5, 2010

Napkins for the Creative Reuse Shop

I'm helping my friend A get a creative reuse shop up and running. What a Salvation Army store is to clothes, a Habitat Re-Store is to building supplies, a creative reuse store is to art and craft materials. It's the kind of thriftiness I find inspiring and practical. To see some creative reuse stores, see here and here (if you're local, email me and I'll give you the local info - I'm not keen on pinpointing my location on my public blog).

The grand opening is tomorrow evening, with refreshments and a make-and-take. In the spirit of creative reuse, A asked me to make cloth napkins using some of the donated fabric. Now that they're finished, I've already forgotten how long and fiddly the process was and I'm just enjoying showing them off (don't look too closely - they are DONE, not perfect).

My favorites: calico! I'm honing in on a project with calico and I've made my first purchase at A's shop.

Genevieve's favorites:  teddy bears and shiny gold.

54 cloth napkins, to be used every time the shop has snacks and goodies. Down with disposables, hooray for reuse!!


A said...

I love them! I love you!

Laura said...

Beautiful! We use cloth napkins - some I've made, some from the thrift store, some I've bought. Love them!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I've made a point of using cloth napkins since we first married and I love them. There is something so happy about a pile of fresh, folded, colorful napkins!

Unknown said...

I have a basket of cloth napkins on the table. We've been using them for two years now. I made most of them and picked others up at yard sales here and there. All different and all coordinating colors and prints : )

Miss G said...

We mostly use cloth napkins too. I am so glad that I checked out this post. There is a creative reuse store in Pittsburgh!! I do not live there but I have family who does and a visit already planned. I am so excited to go and check it out. Thanks! Kelly