Monday, August 23, 2010

Greek Breakfast

Before breakfast recently, I saw this next to the back door I had opened, early, when I got up. . .

And I wondered if Ben had woken up and come downstairs before I knew it . . .

Yes,  . . . and was happily taking advantage of the rainwater-filled pool.  I sneaked back inside and grabbed my camera.  Precious.

Then we went inside and I cooked breakfast, inspired by a Greek dish I read about in Saveur.
We had earthy greens, sauteed with lots of olive oil and salt (and I added one garlic clove), next to a tender fried egg with thick bread on the side.

Oh man. I didn't realize I missed bitter greens in the midst of the lush summer produce. It was such a satisfying breakfast.

* * *
Now, a breakfast question for you:  I find it hard to eat eggs and toast without drinking a bit of orange juice.  Sometimes I am happy with tomato juice, so I guess what I like is the acid.  Mostly my OJ habit is not really very healthy or local and if it weren't for stocking up on concentrate at the discount grocer, it would be an expensive habit too.  We do actually drink small glasses of the stuff and I water down the children's juice by half.  But still!  I'm interested in new ways - new side dishes maybe? - to eat our mainstay breakfast that do not rely on OJ every time.


  1. My children love OJ and I like a small glass of it on occasion. Since we don't live where oranges grow naturally, I'm fine with buying frozen concentrate from the store - and thankful to have it. Eating locally is nice, but I'm aware that there are many foods, spices, and beverages we'd have to do without if I tried to stick solely to that.

    I'm interested in seeing what solution you come up with!

  2. For me, some nice, tart fruit preserves on the toast does the trick.

  3. When I had a good grape juice canning year I was perfectly happy with a glass of Concord grape juice in the morning. I absolutely hear you about the wanting the sweet/tart/cold with your eggs and toast. For me, the grape juice did as well as orange.

  4. Laura, I do agree with you and I would not want to go back to the ancient days before trade routes. I'm just curious to see what ideas I'm missing for breakfast!

    Janelle, that is smart. My jam is just sweet - I should branch out.

  5. How about a slice of fresh tomato?

  6. What a sweet boy!

    I confess that I'm not crazy about OJ, it's the coffee that I can't live without. And I adore your breakfast greens. It just gets me hankering...

  7. An awesome mango salsa or chutney for your bread, maybe some diced peaches and strawberries with some blueberries for a sweet salsa mix. Now, I'm hungry! Thanks! It looks awfully yummy on your plate btw! God bless!

  8. I have no idea, I just wanted to say YUM! :)


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