Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty as a Peach

One basket (half bushel) of seconds peaches for $15.99.


made into salsa (recipe here)

and frozen.

Total yield: 
11 quarts, 1 pint canned (1 quart eaten on baked oatmeal already and its juice frozen into popsicles because that quart did not seal and I desperately need that refrigerator space);
4 pints salsa;
6 freezer bags, 2 c. each

The 1/2 pint jars to the left of the peach salsa are pimentoes - more on that later.  I put in an order for a bushel of tomatoes and then a friend called and offered corn.  Yes, I created this tyranny of the produce because I don't have a garden that is pouring all this bounty into my kitchen, but still, I'm feeling a little faint at the amount of work ahead.


Unknown said...

that sounds delicious! I'm hoping to can pears - my family Loves pears! the peach salsa looks wonderful! my Babe would love that too : )

kim said...

That's brilliant. Makes my couple of jars of blackcurrant jam look positively paultry.I'd like to be more thrifty but I need more input on how to go about keep reading your blog!
florrie x

Margo said...

Florrie, welcome! I started more than 10 years ago with just freezing applesauce and that only a few boxes. You have to work up to these things, I think. And kudos on your black currant jam - I consider actual real cooked jam a fiddly feat (I make freezer jam).

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Every summer of my childhood my grandfather would bring my grandmother 2 bushels of fresh, local peaches and have her put them up "in freez-tainers". His wonky little word still makes me smile and laugh when I think of it.