Friday, August 13, 2010

Wearing the Crinoline

A year ago this month, I purchased a vintage crinoline for $40 to wear under a 1950s silk party dress.  It was a great evening, dressed to the nines for a charity ball, but alas, my crinoline has lived in its bag ever since.

My friend also called it a "can can!"

Until I stopped by a thrift store and bought this circle skirt for $2.50.  (My husband said bemusedly, "I never thought I'd be married to a woman who wears sequins."  The sequins are there, a little subdued in the photo  - thank goodness, because I intend this skirt to be daytime wear!) 

Somehow I remembered my bagged up crinoline and looky, it goes under my skirt and makes it so deliciously swishy and wide!

When my dear friend Rebecca bought me the white flower brooch, I had no idea what I would wear it with, but it was selected under the principle that "if you gather things you love, they will play together nicely."  

I love how all the elements of this get-up go together, but I don't feel matchy-matchy or costumey. I wore the outfit again today to substitute teach, minus the crinoline and the brooch, with more casual black shoes.

Now, this has been a bright spot in a week of slightly insane preserving.  I did not intend to can and freeze all week long, but thanks to the tyrrany of the produce, that is what happened.  I'll be leaving for a little vacation with some dear girlfriends - maybe one more post before then if the consarned tomatoes will only get done.


Jennifer Jo said...

The fourth picture down, the one of you lifting the skirt, is lovely.

Deanna Beth said...

Oh my gosh, you look AWE-SOME! That is a great outfit and so flattering on you.

Janelle said...

The "gathering things you love" principle is perfect. I'm amazed at how it rings true over and over again. And how I'm more and more confident of what I love as I get older. (I'm jealous that you found that skirt before I did.) :)

You Can Call Me Jane said...

So pretty. I applaud you for getting dressed in stylish ensembles now and again:-).

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh, now that is fun! You look like you're about to dance. Lovely outfit.

I love the idea of gathering what you love and anticipating how they will play together nicely!

kim said...

what a really pretty summery.....and it looks wonderful on you....good find!
florrie x

Unknown said...

Pretty Skirt. Love the blue and green floral design. Isn't it So much fun to 'swish' when you walk!!!

Sylvia said...

Thanks for the memory of freshly washed and starched can cans spread out to dry on the kitchen counters on Saturday evenings! (starched would be in italics if I knew how to do it in a post. Excessive punctuation would be justified, as the starch was a crucial element, in fact, the only one that mattered!) You look lovely!

Margo said...

Janelle, you may borrow skirt and can can anytime you want. It's terribly fun to swish around!

Sylvia, starched??! Wow, I had no idea. I barely know about spraying starch on shirt collars and cuffs. What a funny mind picture, too, to picture a kitchen piled with can cans!
Can you tell me how to starch my crinoline? That might put its bouffant-ness right over the top as it's rather a fat one (said the vintage expert who sold it to me).