Monday, August 9, 2010


Pretty eggs from a farming family at church. . .

nestled in my new spoon rest from the thrift store for $.99.  I broke my old one a few months ago and was surprised at how long it took to find a simple, cheap, practical spoon rest.  When I got eggs out for breakfast, I realized how tidily the spoon rest corralls the eggs.

P.S. In honor of my 200th post (wow!), I added LinkWithin. 


Laura said...

What a nice thrift find! And the eggs are lovely, too! We just finished the last of a dozen eggs given to us by a neighbor. Nothing tastes as good as fresh eggs!

Getting the Family Fed said...

LinkWithin? Whabba-wha? You are so very tech-y. I learn so much from you! (And am shamed by you, too!)

Margo said...

dear Fed Family, see that at the bottom of my posts now there are little photos that you can click on that are links to the old posts on my blog? That's LinkWithin and it's so easy to get it - just click on the link that's next to my links and it will talk you through it. It's fun for me to be reminded of past things On the Record.

I waited until my 200th post so that I wouldn't just be recycling the same handful of posts and drive my readers out of their minds.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Happy 200! I love your spoon rest, much more fun than the basic saucer that I always use.


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