Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should I Buy a Clothes' Brush?

It's already mud season here, with the temps in the 40s. But I send my children out to play for the fresh air and my mental health. (Some of) the results:

I had just washed this little coat a few days prior, and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could brush the mud off instead of wangling a time to wash it when it wasn't needed and then waiting for it to dry. Brushing worked! Maybe I'm the last mother to find this out. . .

I used a hairbrush to brush Ben's coat. Should I invest in a clothes brush? What is that, anyway? I'm eyeing my pale blue wool winter coat and wondering if its faint smudges would brush out too.

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Christian - Modobject@Home said...

As a child I remember my mom using a clothes brush. I remember specifically, for some reason, that she used it to brush spots off of swede. I'll bet that it would be great for wool, too. I'm always in a quandary over how to best clean and freshen wool items.