Monday, January 18, 2010

Problem Snaps

You know how babies' pants sometimes have snaps on the inner seams of pants to make changing diapers easier? What happens when the snaps lose their "snap" and won't stay closed? I confess that I have thrown some pants away. But two things in my brain clicked recently: I have sewing skills! People with few resources would find a way to make this work! (thinking of the Great Depression and 40 year old VW bugs in Mexico)

First I tried a tip an older woman gave me (at my husband's grandfather's funeral, no less, when Ben's overall legs kept popping open). I gently hammered on the little post in the snap, trying to make it fatter so it would stick better in the other side. Didn't work for me.

I checked out the snaps at the fabric store. It's not like replacing a button, apparently - buying presses and what-not. Too fiddly and expensive.

So I sewed Ben's pants' seams shut!! I actually cut out the strip of snaps on his denim overalls - the ones he's wearing in the photo - but on his lined corduroy overalls, I just sewed them closed. I used a denim needle on my machine and went as far as I could, then finished the pants by hand.

I'm so pleased that Ben is getting more wear out of the pants!

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