Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Grey Skirt

When the weather got cold, I noticed Genevieve had lots of bright tights and no plain skirts. I don't really make clothes for my kids because my theory is that they grow too fast for me to feel the work was justified. But really? I take it back. This skirt was FAST and she has worn it a lot. The pleats look a little funny in the photo, but not in real life.

One problem: little girls' lack of waist. So it does slide down if she is jumping on the trampoline or running to market. See how nice Genevieve is standing in this picture? I bribed her with a piece of gum. She will do anything for gum.

Anyway, my friend Rebecca told me that back in the day, all little girls had suspenders on their skirts that solved this problem. The suspenders could be worn over or under tops. I've since seen this phenonmenon in Eloise Wilkin illustrations. But I'm simply too lazy to put straps on G's skirt. I did put a pocket on it, though, for her little hanky.


Anonymous said...

I bribed her for a photo with a peppermint pattie - that seemed to work well too. :)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Cute, cute, cute... both G and the skirt!

Anonymous said...

That is one sweet little punk. Give her a smooch on those rosy cheeks from me.