Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Last Christmas Gift Reveal

My sister finally came home from her Christmas journey in South Africa (it's summer there - she spent days on the beach). She was complaining about our weather, even after I reminded her it's warm today - up to 40! She brought us a treasure trove, which doesn't even include the roiboos tea and children's chocolate that I forgot to add to the pile.

The bag was made in the townships. The sandals for Genevieve were made somewhere in South Africa and she is working very hard to figure out to wear them even though my sister reminded her that summer is a long way away. The spices bring back deep sensory memories of curries, chop salad, and brianny (I don't know how to spell the last and the internet was no help). The little round tins of lip stuff are fiendishly difficult to open, but it's worth working at for the earthy, herbaly stuff inside.

Close up of Ben's little beaded animals.

I gave her these.

And the flip side.

She loved them. But all the gifts are secondary to just having her home again. I like my life better with my sis around.

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Anonymous said...

Awe...I just read this...And I agree - sisters make life better! :) And I do love my pot holders! I have yet to put them to the test, but I will be sure to let you know how they fair! xo