Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dark Days Week 10: Eggs Foo Yung

With mostly starchy root vegetables available at market, I decided to grow my own vegetables: bean sprouts! Directions from More with Less.

First soak 1/3 cup mung beans overnight. I want to find local organic alfalfa seeds to sprout - it's on my to-do list, so I'll report back on the results.

Then put the soaked beans in some kind of dishtowel that won't irritate you if it gets stained. Fold the towel loosely over the beans. Put the whole business in a colander, run warm water through it, and set it in a warm dark place to grow.

My warm dark place was inside a stock pot that I store on top of my refrigerator, covered with a beach towel just in case light was peeking in. I know, very attractive. Now write yourself a note because you have to run warm water through the cloth/beans three times a day for three or four days. This is mine:

After day one, hopefully your beans have started sprouting.

In 3-4 days, or when the white sprouted part is at least an inch long, they're done! Put them in the fridge and use them within a few days.

Use them to make Eggs Foo Yung (along with local organic celery, spring onions, ground beef, and eggs). So easy, so delicious, but next time I want to use some of my Christmas ham squirreled away in the freezer instead of ground beef.

Eat with brown rice (organic, not local) and sauce with nothing local (sighhhh - they do grow soy beans around here - is local soy sauce in the future?).

Then have some local apples, roasted while the rice baked, with local butter and non-local brown sugar. With homemade yogurt from local milk. My sister, who stopped by at dinnertime ("really? what time is it??") was very grateful. I'd really like to post a picture of her after Genevieve put barrettes in her hair, but silly me, I promised I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that meal looks fab. Make it for me sometime.


Cindy said...

Looks delicious! Writing yourself a note is a great idea, I did forget mung bean sprout before....

Margo said...

Cindy, so did I. . .really gross, too.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

I agree, looks delicious. We usually get our bean sprouts from the store. Need to try sprouting some ourselves.

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