Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crayon Container for the Second Born

Today I noticed the second born child coloring. . .taking his crayons out of the empty cornstarch container. He was perfectly content, but I felt a pang: should I make him a crayon wrap?

I contented myself by noticing the little wool hand-knit sweater he was wearing. I touched it tentatively at a garage sale in a tony neighborhood last year. The woman selling it started reminiscing: she knitted it for her sons and hoped to pass it on to her grandsons, but they - the sons and their wives - didn't want it. Whaaaat?! I bought it instantly with indignation and pity; she sold it to me for (sit down) a quarter.

I took it home, darned the holes, and washed it. Yes, it is a bit ragged and stretched out, slightly felted from all its washings, but I love to think of the mama knitting it for her little boys, making the stripes and choosing the buttons. Ben loves it and it keeps him toasty this very cold winter.

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Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Oh, such a sweet post, and a darling sweater. Second borns are special.