Saturday, January 9, 2010

Free Bleach

"It is good to hang white clothes outside on a sunny day
when the temperature is below freezing.
Freezing and sunshine helps to whiten them.
This is not good for colors, however, as they tend to fade."
Esther H. Shank in Mennonite Country Style Recipes & Kitchen Secrets.

From my experience with winter laundry:
1. Get the laundry on the line as soon as possible - winter days are short!
2. There must be a breeze or the laundry may not be dry before dusk and damp start falling.
3. Laundry freezes in less than 5 minutes.
4. The smell of winter sunshine dried sheets is so deeply comforting, brisk, and sweet. . .I gladly brave numb fingers for that scent - it was 24 degrees this morning.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shot! To bad the days of the nosy neighbor peeping over the fence to check your whites is over. You'd put her in her place!


Meghan said...

This post has me longing for a clothes line. (I live in an apartment with no outdoor space.) I love the smell of winter sunshine too.