Monday, January 11, 2010

Dark Days Week 8: Liberian Pumpkin

I didn't intend to start making dinner at 5pm. But by 5:35, we were sitting down to dinner and I was quite proud of myself. My husband said, "if this is Dark Days' eating, I hope the days get even darker." Awwww.

All ingredients are from my county and organic with the exception of the cheese and broccoli - not organic.

I should point out that before this speedy supper, I made Liberian Pumpkin and roasted broccoli numerous times; nothing like a new recipe to slow down supper.

So. Here's how I did it.
Brown some local, spicy sausage, 1-2 cups (if your sausage is regular, you can add some kind of hot peppers later or at the table). Set aside.

Peel and whack up some squash - I used butternut - about 3-4 cups. Depends on how much squash you want left over (as soon as I hauled out the squash, my daughter asking hopefully if I was making pie - yes, my darling, later this week). Put in pan with some oil (or the leftover sausage grease if you're in a rush - ahem). While that's sauteing, chop up 1-2 onions and add.

Cook and stir for maybe 10 minutes. When the squash is softening slightly and the onions are looking translucent, pour in 1 cup of something - wine, water, stock - add the browned sausage, and cover. Check it - depending on the size of the squash pieces, it could need 10-20 minutes to be soft enough. I like it when some squash has turned to mush and spread around, giving it a saucy quality; obviously this takes longer.

Meanwhile, I was roasting broccoli and putting pasta water on to boil. I put a few tablespoons of salt in my pasta water which gives the pasta a wonderful briny taste. Here is my gorgeous local (not like last time!) pasta made by an Amish man named David Stoltzfus - so local that the label only says "local free-range organic eggs and organic flour."


The Liberian Pumpkin recipe comes from Simply in Season with some minor modifications by me; they suggest eating it on rice which doesn't appeal to me. We also sprinkle ours with cheese (parmigiano reggiano if we're not eating local - tonight a local sharp cheddar).

With a bit more time, I would have made a green salad with a sharp viniagrette; I like Liberian Pumpkin with something brisk and vinegary.

Liberian Pumpkin (ingredients in a nutshell)
1-2 c. browned sausage (spicy, or add hot sauce or dried hot peppers)
3-4 c. chopped winter squash
1-2 c. chopped onion
1 c. stock, wine, or water
serve on pasta, top with cheese

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Shasta said...

I've never roasted broccoli. I'm a steamer. (like the Menno quilts, my kitchen eyes are being broadened)