Monday, January 4, 2010

Colored Pencil Wrap

When I opened the drawer for the 50th time and found colored pencils everywhere, I decided to do something. I had seen these wraps before and this is the kind of project I love: it uses scraps and doesn't have to match anything. I love playing with color and texture in such projects.

The final wrap works fine, but the ties are a bit misplaced and long. Genevieve loves it. Ben loves it too: she runs off to play and he climbs up in the chair, very carefully taking the colored pencils in and out, so quiet I get suspicious and come looking for him. And find him sweetly occupied with something I have made. Now that is a nice feeling.


Shasta said...

a great quiet book!!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I love, love your colored pencil wrap! The fabric is perfect. Have you seen the tote bags that have slots for crayons/pencils on the exterior with room in the bag for coloring books and drawing tablets? I've long wanted to make one.

Margo said...

Christian, I hadn't seen that or thought of that! Such a tote bag would be so useful as we transition the second born into sitting through the church service instead of just playing in the nursery. I think that would be nicer for him than just using his sister's things.