Monday, October 1, 2012

Yogurt in Glass Half-Pints

Rebecca mentioned an article to me about how the chemical BPA in plastic is likely one of the factors in the alarming rise of childhood obesity.

I suddenly realized that I was using plastic yogurt cups from the 1970s in my yogurt incubator.  My next thought was substituting glass half-pint jars instead.  It works!   And it's so much more aesthetically pleasing: a reminder to myself to step back and look at my routines sometimes, to see what can be improved.

I get the screw-top lids at an Amish store, but you could just use the canning lids and rings.


  1. BPA and childhood obesity? Haven't heard that one. Hmmm. Though is it because obese children are likely to consume more processed foods and thereby probably more BPA?

    I do make my yogurt in glass containers anyway (better to be safe than sorry), and you're right- it looks nicer too!

  2. Something about how BPA messes with the metabolism of growing children. It's a new study - Rebecca's husband is a doctor and reads medical journals. You can see how diligent and thorough my own research is! (Ha)

  3. Plastics, gah!!! Good for you for the clever fix....

  4. I get to the point where I just don't want to know anymore.
    But the more I do know, the more I wonder when we all got it so wrong...

    Thanks for the info Margo.

  5. Aren't those half-pint jars? I'm glad they fit! That is nice!


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