Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sewing Madly

I'm working very hard on a large order for a local gift shop.  The photo is of a series of hotpads I'm making, some for my etsy shop and some for the large order.  The order is a good thing, since etsy sales have been low this year for me.

I am not fond of this photo, but I didn't have time to ask Jennifer Jo for photography tips this past weekend (and retaking photos falls pretty low in my priorities).  We talked nonstop - it was great fun to meet another blogger in person and fill in gaps - and I had to tear myself and my yawning family away.  I've already pestered her to meet again and this time, I will make a list so I don't forget all the things I want to ask.

In the car this weekend I finished sewing up 9 of the hotpads.  That feels good.


  1. Somebody else for me to envy, who can sew in the car!

  2. I love reading both yours and Jennifer Jo's blog. Two of my favorites and I second Lisa, I'm so impressed with your sewing in the car :) Actually I'm impressed with all your projects.

  3. Actually, if I'm not occupied with sewing while traveling, I would burst with the fidgets! I stockpile several easy sewing projects for trips. I wish I could read in the car, but that makes me definitely queasy.

  4. I like the colors and prints you've picked. Very cheery. :)

    Rhonda Schrock


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