Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How We Repurposed Old T-Shirts

First of all, Hurricane Sandy was graciously brief in our area and we didn't even lose power.  We're saying prayers for others who were not so fortunate.

I found this quick little tutorial and made three bags out of Ben's old, stained t-shirts that he was outgrowing.

The shirts were too precious to him and freighted with memories to cut into rags, and too stained to be thrift store donations. I looked at a bag somebody else made that I have and puzzled out the little boxed corner (I don't know the name) for a little fancy extra.

I did these bags while Ben was at school, so I very brightly presented him with his own Hot Wheels bag when I showed him what I did.  It's all in the presentation, people.  He didn't fuss that I cut up beloved shirts and kept two of them.

I'm keeping these bags in my shopping cart that I wheel down to market.  They are a nice size for keeping produce corralled until I get home and pop it into (reused) plastic bags for the fridge.  I'm very pleased (and a little bummed about all the sweet t-shirts I cut into rags).


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo, so happy to hear that Sandy didn't do damage for you. Have been worried about you. There was so much damage..My heart goes out to the ones effected .
I love your idea with the bags.. And you made Ben happy also.. Great job.. They are cute as can be.

jodi said...

that is such a great idea! I always forget to bring bags with me to the grocery store and then end up having to pay for bags. I have a ton of extra t-shirts laying around!

Polly said...

Hallelujah!!!! I was wondering about you today. So glad you are well.

These would be tres handy for me--just today at the farmers market I was grumbling about the plastic bags I used for my greens.

Zoë said...

I've done this with large t-shirts but never thought to use the tiny ones from kids. So cute!

jenny_o said...

I am glad you and your family are safe and sound.

These bags are nicer-looking and have sturdier handles than others I have seen that are similar. I'll need to check your link for the instructions! Nice job.

Meghan said...

So glad you were ok. We only lost power for 5 minutes. Not too shabby.