Friday, October 26, 2012

A Basket of Grimes Golden Apples

I took my sewing machine in to be serviced and there on the front porch of the shop were apples for sale.  This is so common in my neck of the woods - beautiful produce for pennies out in the country when the gardens and orchards are overflowing, available by happenstance.

So I bought more apples than would fit in my wooden bowl and put these, the Grimes Golden, in a basket.  I had never had or seen Grimes Golden apples before; I bought them because I recalled their name from my Virginia Mennonite cookbook, Mennonite Country-Style

I think this bunch cost $2.

The basket graced our table for a week or two.  I just love a functional centerpiece.  I made a pie, a crisp, and a cobbler, each time taking a few Grimes Golden apples out of the basket.  Did you know that baked apple desserts and applesauce benefit from using several different varieties of apples?  It's true!

I roasted the last Grimes Golden apples last night in a pan of brown sugar and butter, to be eaten with plain yogurt (and toasted almonds, except I forgot).  We ate them for dessert with my sister at her house.  She is recovering form surgery to repair a torn ACL, poor thing, so we've been helping with meals and whatnot as much as possible.

Now the Grimes Golden apples are gone. I learned that they are quite soft and mealy and very tasty.  There are very crisp Golden Delicious and (my favorite) Cameo apples in the bowl now.


Polly said...

I need to incorporate more applesauce into my life. I have a tendency to buy it but it doesn't taste nearly as good. Do you make large batches and freeze or can? I've only ever made it and eaten it fresh. Apple season is dwindling here, but still.

I love Gala and Cameo apples!!!

Also I love all your tablecloths. I'm a big tablecloth fan myself, but seem to have only amassed cream and white ones (somewhat impractical with small children). I have one woven blue one that is impervious to any stain (even berries!) and I love it! I've used thrifted sheets before but they are so thin! So do you mind me asking: where do you get your tablecloths?

Rebecca said...

I made Cameo applesauce (no sugar) this year and it is great. year, when I have completely forgotten, remind me that I used Cameo.

Margo said...

Polly, homemade applesauce is what lured me into preserving! I used to freeze it (so easy!), but now I tend to can it (freezer is full of other stuff).
Here are posts I've done about the applesauce:

As for the tablecloths, I pick the cloth ones up at thrift stores, mainly. I get the waterproof ones at JoAnn's or an Amish store as a length that I hem at both ends. Sometimes at a department store, they go on sale, too, and then there's no hemming! I usually save light-colored tablecloths for company.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

How yummy... And getting all those desserts for just $2.00 worth of apples.. THat is what I call a bargain.
I too, love using real fruit and vegetables as center pieces.. And when they are all gone...change to the next fruit..
Never heard of those kind of apples..Probably not in my area. I am in Mississippi.

Nicole said...

Lovely find- such a good price. I have never seen them in my area.

Miri said...

Sigh... they are so pretty, and so practical!

Anonymous said...

Your are so kind to help your sister in time of need.

Melanie said...

Agree with 'Anonymous' :) I am so lucky to have a sister who helps with food and what not.. I feel the love.. and so does my tummy! Breakfast tomorrow morning: homemade sticky buns. I already know they are going to be yummy. Thank you!! xx

Anonymous said...

Definitely the deal of the day! :o) We have two apple trees here, & it's wonderful to have that fruit as a sort of reward, at the end of the gardening season. Apples just define this time of year for me. The race to get them all off the trees before the cold comes...will we have enough room in the freezer for the cider...making gifts of some of the perfect ones to friends. All this says autumn to me. God is so good to give us this food, which we enjoy well into February.


Beth said...

enjoyed this...and all the talk of crisps and cobblers...sigh! can I come over and have a bite and a cup of coffe with you?! :-)

BLD in MT said...

$2!!! Excellent apple score. My favorite is Honeycrisp. So sweet and so crisp. I'm eating one right now!