Friday, October 19, 2012

Off They Go

A big batch of my work went to a local gift shop this week on consignment. (Locals, contact me to get the details if you wish).

hanging hand towels

For the first time, I made pencil rolls that were not special-ordered.  I hope I guessed right on colors and slots!  (By the way, even though they're not currently listed in my etsy shop, you can still order pencil rolls.  I currently have two special orders I'm working on for things not listed in my shop.  Just convo me in etsy.)

crayon wraps - pencil rolls - whatever you call 'em

I finished much of the binding on these hotpads on a roadtrip and also on my bus commute.

I had so much fun with the colors in this set - a riff on autumn and oxblood, the new it-color.

I really like the ribbon on this set, but can you guess why it's there?  (Hiding uneven corners! shhhh!)  Another little joke in these hotpads is that the pink-flowered fabric came from the gift shop manager herself - she had given  me a little bag of pretty scraps a month or so ago and what can I do?  Patchwork, that's what I do.

It's a good feeling to get this large project off my plate.


  1. Love your hot pads and the pencil wraps are such a good idea.

  2. Good for you. All looks great. Wish I had some time to sew. Always something else before I can get on the machine.

  3. I make hanging towels too. Right now I am trying to get a bunch done for a Christmas bazaar. I love your potholders. You have great color combinations and fabrics.

    I crocheted 26 sets of potholders for the bazaar so far this month. My goal is 30, almost there.

  4. What a lovely batch of goods!

    As always, I admire your ability to put fabrics together.

  5. As of today, teatowel on bottom right--SOLD! Potholder, on bottom center--SOLD! I eyed the pencil fabric combos but resisted. I tried to resist ovreall so you wouldn't be sent back to the sewing machine so soon, but they were just too wonderful.

  6. These are beautiful. You have an eye for lovely combinations.


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