Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cake Wreck Pops

My sister told me how she and the other bridesmaids at a wedding recently sat around and constructed cake pops for the reception.  She said, "it's so easy, Margo!  You just add some icing stuff to the cake crumbs and squish it together into balls!"

Of course I've seen the cake pops trend (I'm on Pinterest, hello), but I sniffed and assumed it was fancy-pants baking and I'm over here in the wham-bam family desserts.

I had carried part of a Wacky Cake in a bag in a tote bag and it had gotten smushed (duh).  So I checked a few recipes and got to work, making leftover, going-stale cake into cake pops.

My mistakes:
1.  I thought I didn't need to add icing stuff to the cake.  I thought it was moist enough to stick into balls on its own.
2.  I didn't freeze the mixture before making it into balls.
3.  I winged a ganache for the coating and didn't really make enough.

But, I used chopsticks for the sticks, and added some cayenne and cinnamon to the ganache to give a nice flavor contrast with the cake.  Then I froze those lumpy pops until we had them for dessert one night.  The children were so excited (and then they got sugared up and even more excited!). 

Now I have explored cake-pop territory.  It might be friendly for future leftover cake, but I'll stick to the map more closely next time.

Have you made cake pops?  Tempted? (I don't mean tempted by mine - they're not pretty like the fancy-pants kind.)


Dianna said...

Thank heavens for kids who will get excited over almost anything! I haven't tried cake pops—it just seems like too much, with the cake and the frosting and the candy coating. I'd rather just have plain cake. But I love that you used leftover cake to make them—I'd be more likely to make these now to save some cake.

BLD in MT said...

I always thought it would be too fancy-pants for me, but I can see the practical side of it now, too.

Unknown said...

Nope, I like a BIG slice :)

Polly said...

I have saved leftover pieces and bits of chocolate cake before (sometimes a cake will get crumbly OR we won't be able to eat it all before it gets yucky) and made cake pops, YES! I loved them--very tasty and frugal since I was using leftovers. I don't think I would ever make cake pops for the sake of cake pops, because I just love a nice cake....but I think it's a clever use of leftovers!! (And mine are definitely Not Fancy. I don't even put them on a stick. More like finger foods.)

sk said...

This is funny. You're funny!

(I've heard about you. Good things.)

jenny_o said...

Oh, I love your title!

I'd never even heard of cake pops, much less made them :) ... learned something new today.

Meghan said...

I like to eat them, but I've never made them. I avoid making small, fiddly little things as often as I can.

Bella@artclubblog said...

I'm looking forward to making some for the first time for Halloween. I'm aiming for those very cool Jack Skellington ones that are all over Pinterest. Might be aiming a bit to high, but will definitely keep your tips in mind! Thanks!