Monday, October 29, 2012

It is Possible

We have Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us.  What is possible?  Well, anything. 

I hesitate to blog about this - I usually need a little distance and perspective before I want my words out in cyberspace.

I wonder if we have done enough to prepare.  I usually keep a deep pantry, but I've only got a few onions and no powdered milk (that is meant to be a little humorous).  I filled up jars with water (but I think the water warning is more for people with wells with electrical pumps).  My freezers are full to brim, and my dad promised to schlep his generator over to us for a few hours to help them stay cold if need be.  I've got a gas stove, so the cooktop will work just fine in a power outage.  I've washed every scrap of dirty laundry in the house.  The gas tank is full, cash is on hand, cell phones are charged. . .

and I am so antsy.  I can't focus long on anything before I think of some little thing I could do, so I jump up and do it.  We are snug at the moment.  Momentarily.  It does feel comforting to be in our little city with family nearby.  I am coaxing myself to trust God for. . . what?  We'll see.


  1. It really sounds like you are as ready as you can be. You live in a brick building, right? nice and solid!!! My dad's house in Charleston was my grandmother's house during Hurricane Hugo, the Category 5 monster, and that old house with the brick walls suffered no damage at all. A few shingles off the garage roof, that's it. Lots of limbs down in the yard, the azaleas were stripped, but....a well-built house is a blessing! The same cannot be said for the gazillion-dollar all-wood beachy show homes.

    You and your sweet family are in my prayers. Hang in there--you've done a lot of prep work. Like anything else there's probably stuff you would think of later that you might do again, but it looks like you are on top of it!!

    God bless & stay dry!

  2. You've done the same things we have, Margo. Say a prayer when you get antsy!

    I've been trying to keep busy today, - a good distraction. Trying to get food cooked - cleaning the bathroom. God bless!

  3. God is bigger than anything we face. May you feel His presence.

  4. Stay safe! Thinking of ya and prayers too xo

  5. Talking hurricanes tonight my husband reminded me that Hugo was a Cat 4 when it made landfall....still fierce!!!!

    Thinking of you, Margo, Mr Thrift, Evie and Ben!!!

  6. Margo, I have been praying for you all today..May God be with you all during the storm.
    It sounds like you have done all the essentials.. Take care, and I will continue to pray..

  7. Polly, yup, brick. And I fret more about losing power, actually.

    Thank you, all, for your prayers and well-wishes. We pray and hope the same to you. . .

  8. Tonight, all of my friends, including you, who are in the mid-Atlantic region are on my heart. Update us when you can. Ultimately, trusting God for His protection and His provision is the only thing to do. Jesus holds you.

  9. Yes. How long did you Hunker Down?


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