Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Bunny and a (very casual) Bunting

We have a new 7-year-old in the house!  And she is the proud owner of a little brown bunny, picked up from the Amish farm as a surprise right after school.  This is a big deal.

Genevieve has pined and begged and schemed for a pet as soon as she was old enough to talk, which was pretty young. 

Finally, her father and I judged that a little outside bunny could suit everybody.  Rabbit hutches are not easy to come by for less than $200 around here, so my husband is doing some more stash-busting; I can hear the hammer banging as I type this.

Genevieve was so excited by her bunny that she ate approximately two bites of her requested chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. 

She told us the bunny is the best gift in the world, that she won't have to catch salamanders in the yard anymore - she'll save her attention only for her bunny.  I figure the salamanders owe me one.

On the birthday morning, I was suddenly seized with a bunting madness, and tore into my fabric in a kind of frenzy.  I don't know how these creative fits come on (too much Pinterest?), but I like to burn through when it's here.

I call this bunting "casual" because I finished no edges and cut out the triangles pretty fast; other people would call this sloppy in the extreme.  I was focused on a fun party vibe, so I chose chaotic colors and random bits of trim out of my stash.

(A useful side lesson:  sewing with fringe trim is tricky.) I wanted the bunting to look good from both sides, so I sewed together two triangles of the fabric that had a wrong side. 

 I strung the bunting around the dining room for the party, but had to take it out on the balcony this morning to try to get a better photo. I'll get it out for Ben's birthday in the spring; he is pleased that it makes the dining room look like a used car lot.


  1. You did it! A pet! Persistence pays! Happy birthday, G!!!

    (A used car lot---snort!)

  2. Yeah I about snorted when I read the used car lot thing, too. Kids make the best comments!

    I made a scrap bunting once. It was with strips of fabric tied to a really long strip of fabric. The little ties were all different lengths and no edges were hemmed. I hung it on the food and gift tables at my mom's fiftieth party. Bunting makes for a fun atmosphere.

  3. Used car lot! :D

    What a sweet bunny - and Happy Birthday to Genevieve. My mother had a sister, my Aunt Jean. I found out many years later that her name was Genevieve - why Jean? Her parents were from Poland, too.

    I love buntings of all kinds.

  4. Zoe, I would love to see a picture of that bunting. I see lots of possibilities for my scraps!

    Lisa, I wonder, too, how your aunt was nicknamed "Jean" from Genevieve. My Great-Aunt Genevieve went by "Jenny."

  5. Happy Birthday Genevieve.. What a special birthday present...your very own bunny.. I know you will love it and take such good care of it.

    Margo, what a sweet thing to do..Make the bunting for her bday.. So pretty.. I love all the different colors.. [and just think when brother has his bday.. it can be a used car]. The cake looks so yummy.. I wish I had a peice about right now.ha And daddy is making the home for the bunny.. Now Genevieve can't ask for anything better..

  6. Amazing results - so cheery! I love the last line of your post :)

  7. Margo, here's a link to see the bunting I made. SUPER simple. No-sew.

  8. Happy Birthday G! Such a cute bunny - best present ever.
    And how funny Margo, I just whipped up a bunting last week for my girls (mine is even MORE casual than yours which looks fab btw...)... I cut up thrifted curtain fabric (has that block out backing so it's all plastic feeling so will be ok left outside) and use garden twine to sew it all together. And I just used pinking sheers to freehand cut triangles. The girls love it. We're going to make a "magical forest" and have the bunting among the trees. :)

  9. She looks just over the moon happy. I can remember that exact feeling when at long last my parents bought me a little kitten for Christmas. It literally stopped me in mid-sentence. A rabbit seems like a good choice for your household and pets. And a local rabbit at that!

    Happy birthday to your young lady!

  10. Bunting and bunnies are both perfect for a birthday! I'm sure this was a memorable one for Miss G! She is a dear girl.

  11. Sloppy? Nay! Gorgeous and envy-inducing!


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