Thursday, September 27, 2012

Handmade Clothes For Ben, Finally

Ben finally got some clothes that mom made this fall, and I'm so gratified by his pleasure. 

First there was the first-day-of-school shirt.  It's a basic camp shirt, actually from a pajama pattern.

When I sewed it up, I used similar brown tortoiseshell buttons, not matching, just similar. It beat running out to the store for 4 brown buttons! I don't think anyone cares or notices that the buttons don't match.

  I made a size 4, which seemed reasonable given the listed measurements on the pattern and Ben's measurements.  Well.  It's rather small, probably won't fit in the spring.  Ben picked the fabric himself (I wanted madras) and I cut it out when we were at the beach

So when I made flannel pajamas for Ben, I made them a size SIX. 

The hope here is that these jammies will last for at least another winter.  Look, I finished the sleeve and pants hems with tidy bias tape so that when they're turned up, they look nicer.

Ben wants you to see his treasured "blue brick" buttons.  He always loved them in my button jar, and I was so delighted to realize they were the perfect size, number, and color for his pajamas.

These pajamas and the first-day-of-school shirt are giving some real joy to a little boy and his mom, let me tell you.  His quilt is still inching through the mom shop, though, and may not be done in time for quilt weather.
I love this boy, this photo, so much.


  1. How nice! He looks so cute in his special new pajamas. I have a Ben as well, and he definitely deserves some sewing just for him too. I'll soon be making him a little western shirt, and he still needs his own proper Christmas stocking. Shauna

  2. I think I'm finally about to give in and actually follow a pattern. I have SUCH a hard time sewing boys clothes without one, but I always think I can "wing it". Every single thing I've started sewing for my boys ends up being too girlie and gets given to my friend's little girl. I love Ben's pajamas and he's so cute, picking out those buttons. They're perfect.

  3. What an angel!!! Ah, blue brick buttons and pleasure in homesewn clothes. Seriously. What an angel!

  4. Where did you get the fabric for his jammies? You know everything I make for my little guy has to have bikes on it too and I'm not above being a copycat.

  5. And I love the photo of YOU, cutting out the fabric. Lovely.

    And the blocks holding down the pattern. Fun!

    Great work on the clothes. I like the bicycle fabric. Cute, cute. I'm all about novel boy things now. ;-)

    You did a good job.

  6. I love these PJ's! The bike/vespa fabric is great, and you got a really nice do on the collar and cuffs!:)

  7. these pj's are some of the cutest things i've ever seen. classic cut and the fabric is perfect. good idea making them a size up.


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