Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back, With a New Sundress

I enjoyed a mostly computer-free week at the beach with my family and taught myself how to shoot in Manual on my camera (I did other things and nothing, too).  I did manage to finish my 1970s sundress first so it could make its debut on the beach. This is the second dress I have made for myself.

dress photos courtesy of my mom!

Please notice that I used plaid almost identical to the the pattern cover - it was in my stash from Mrs. R and I had exactly enough.  This tickles me no end.  The fabric and the pattern were both given to me - my cost was time, thread, and interfacing.

Plus, the dress is supremely comfortable.  However, I'm annoyed that I took very careful measurements, added some width to the bodice, and now I think it is a bit wide!

I think I will make this dress again, without elasticizing the waist, and waft around the house on hot evenings.

August is looking significantly busy, or maybe that's my vacation-self looking at the calendar for the first time in a week.  Children start school soon.  I have a myriad of jars I thought would be filled by now, and projects in every corner.  Well, it will all work out.


Lisa said...

Nice job, Margo - very cute.

Tracy said...

Gorgeous! This dress REALLY suits you!

Hilde said...

I just found your blog, and I love it! I think I will spend a big part of my computer time of the next days reading through your archives.
Best wishes from Germany

jodi said...

wow! I'm totally impressed. I have yet to really attempt making a dress on my own. I love your's so much!! Sounds like a nice week at the beach!

Beth said...

Hooray for the beach and the dress-success! I know what you mean - the Aug calendar looking busy!

I'm still loving my little cloths you made - the cheery orange makes me so happy and I think of you every time I see them, and I prefer to use them over my other boring store bought things :-)

BLD in MT said...

What an excellent dress! I like it a lot. Good for you. And it looks just perfect for a stroll on the beach!

And that is rather uncanny about the fabric. Very cool.

Eva Girl said...

That is a great dress! Kudos on fabric and pattern and matching! I think it looks just right - not too big in the bodice - I think that's the look. It's great colors on you and I love the yoke, shoulder ties, waist details.

Glad to have you back ; )

Rebecca said...

The bias yoke! Gorgeous! And fear not. It will all get done.

Sarah Barry said...

great fabric choice for pattern! - like you said almost identical to the cover.


Sew Blessed Maw said...

Margo, I love, love your dress, it looks so good on you. I don't think it is too big in the top at all.. Just perfect. And looks so comfortable. I love the pattern..
Happy sewing.

Anna said...

Love that yoke! Good job with a cute and comfortable pattern.


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