Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Thursday

Pretty:  Supper, made by my husband, after I worked a long day at my job.  He made a Thai stir fry with leftover pork chops, green beans, corn, and cilantro.  He served fresh peaches on the side because he said "it went together."  I was impressed!  The peaches were genius.

My husband has always liked to cook, but I commandeered the kitchen pretty much for the last few years.  Now I am working away from home two days a week, and he is back in the game! 

Yesterday he improvised a dish he recalled from the days he lived in a convent (yes, he did:  he was in voluntary service with the Church of the Brethren).  It was a layered dish, cooked slowly, of potatoes, tomatoes, and onions.  Excellent flavor.

Happy is my boy and his Lego.  He wakes up early to play with them.  Genevieve plays too, but Ben is pulled like a magnet to the Lego.  We have a large collection, a pass-on from a family whose children outgrew them.

This is Ben's double-decker bus below.

It was funny to see our friend's beef steers over the weekend. We will be buying some of this meat this fall.  I don't usually get a chance to see animals before I eat them, even though we buy mostly local meat.  It's a bit close for my city-girl comfort, even though I think people who eat meat should be willing to raise and butcher the animals.  Should!  Should!

Real:  I'm now thinking about getting ready for school and the sewing and buying that entails.  In order to be thrifty, I need to start sleuthing now for the stuff we are required to have.  I do not like this reality impinging on my summer!  I still have lots of summery things I want to do and I'm not ready for a school schedule again.  We planned some weekends away in September and October which helps to console me.

This is a pretty/happy/funny/real collection for Leila and Rosie's link-up. 


Leila said...

Margo, I always enjoy your comments on LMLD, and I do so appreciate your voice here. Your calm appreciation of little things (even big things like friends' steer :) brightens my reading!

Faith said...

That stir fry looks yummy!

I love the look of fierce concentration on your little boys face.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Supper looks yummy.. And I agree the fresh peaches was a great add on..
Summers seem so short now.. My daughter teaches school, and she is preparing this week for her own kids and her school kids.. I really am not ready for them to all go back to school.. Seems like we didnt have time to do any of the fun summer things, we planned for.. But It won't be long, until fall is here again..

Robyn said...

Your husbands meal sounds delicious. Think he would share the recipe? As for raising and killing our own food. I tell you, I wish I could, I really do.. Would save a lot of money and be so much healthier! :)

momma-lana said...

Commenting long after this post as I hop around and read some of your earlier posts. Both of my parents were in Brethren Service and that is where they met doing work in the mountains of Tennessee. I have really never run across anyone else with ties to that. It made me so happy!

Margo said...

momma-lana, thanks for the neat connection!