Monday, July 16, 2012

Yo-yos in My Workbag

Finally, I sat down to make yo-yos, those little circles of gathered fabric that I'm longing to play with.  I cut some circles during swimming lessons and I prepared to sew a few up during bedtime stories.  Genevieve asked me if she could make one.

She did it, with a little coaching from me!  Unfortunately, the lid I had grabbed to use as a template is a bit small.  I'll cut larger circles next time.

However, it was just the right size for Genevieve's third tooth. . . which she lost unconsciously as she ate corn on the cob. . . which I unconsciously wiped off the table after supper. . . which my husband found in the sink stopper later on.  The tooth finally got in the peachy yo-yo under the pillow, and now Genevieve has a shiny gold dollar and no tooth. (For the record, I got a dime when I was a child and I think this would have been fine, but her daddy loved the idea of the gold dollars.)

The yo-yos are traveling around in my work bag.  I made some drawstring bags to use as shoe bags when packing suitcases.  However, I snagged one to carry around my handwork and I love it.

So one of these days, I'm going to make some for the shop.  In the meantime, I just cut out my second dress for myself.  It's a 1970s sundress and I really want to take it on vacation shortly, so I'm happily immersed in that.


BLD in MT said...

Ooooh, have fun with your summer dress. You make the neatest clothing, elegant yet fun, chic and vintage, but always practical and comfortable looking, and I always enjoy seeing the final product. I think I might have a few hours to work on my dress this afternoon, too. I am really looking forward to it. I've never made a dress before.

Have a great day!

Margo said...

Thank you, B! I don't think I knew you sewed, and I certainly didn't know you were working on your first dress. It took me years to work up to that. Good luck!

Sarah Barry said...

drawstring bags! that's what I can so. I've been wanting a simple project lately, something useful. I'm inspired.

Sarah Barry said...

I mean sew...yeah, it's early and I haven't finished my coffee! I should not type before I'm awake!!!


Your daughter's toothless smile is precious. Such a pretty girl.
I remember making drawstring bags in grade school for plimpsoles for gym glass. Was lovely hear you make them. How are the yo-yo's sewn. I'd love to make some too.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

OH what a pretty picture of the tooth all gone.. How wonderful that the corn on the cobb got rid of it.. so easy!!! yea!!
Love that the tooth and now the silver dollar fits in the yo-yo.
You are so talented, to think up these things..
Love doing yo-yo's .. I just taught my 7 yr old twin grandaughter ,how to make them.She loved it, and loves to sew.. The other one..hates sewing.. ha
Love your draw string bag too. I made some for Christmas gifts last year.. So, this year, I will just pull them out and wash them..
Cant wait to see your sun dress. Happy sewing.

Margo said...

Love and XXX, I used Heather Bailey's tutorial:

Deanna Beth said...

Serendipitous! I've recently started making them on a whim, too.