Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Patch on the Sleep Shorts

I caught my shorts again on the same cabinet pull.  But it was fun to find another scrap of the sherbet pillowcase and put on another patch.  It's not just crafting and decorating for pretty's sake, it's functional. 

the underside of the patches

In other news, we have shut all the windows and put in 2 window air conditioners.  The heat was just too much - when it comes down to it, family life comes before environmental concerns.  I justified the air conditioners for the stretches of 90-degree days that do not cool off at night (81 this morning at 5:30 am), not for the whole summer.  We have the air conditioners set at 83 degrees.  Rebecca said maybe the new normal is huddling inside in the scorching summer and emerging for outside activity in the mild winter.  My energy and mood are improving already.


BLD in MT said...

We finally caved and turned on the AC too. I don't like it as well a fresh cool breeze, but when it doesn't even cool at night....well, desperate times call for desperate measures!

We've got an overcast 74 degree day today and feels like I won the lottery. Its so reasonable out! I'm hoping it stays a while and brings some rain with it!

I hope you and your family are enjoying the relief. (Though isn't it crazy when 83 feels "cool." Its all so relative.)

Jennifer Jo said...

I'm excited for Monday and Tuesday. They're calling for temps in the 70s---positively arctic!

Unknown said...

Sometimes you have to be able to rest too! It's so hard to sleep in the heat and you feel drained. We use overhead fans in every room, that we installed, but when it gets in the 80's we turn on the AC...

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

What pretty sleep pants.. and I think the patches are making them better.. tooo cute.. And so smart..
I agree.. this weather is tooo hot to do without AC.. I am praying that cooler temps will be here before long.. We too, have been having 103 degree days.. and at night ,it will be in the high
80's. Rough..

Beth said...

Glad y'all got some A/C going!!

What's so weird is that it's hot here...almost always some kind of hot here...but our summer is practically mild so far compared to last year and even to what many of you further north and east are having!

"Oh, the high's only 99 degrees today, not so bad...."

(of course, it's not like I'm out in it this summer....)