Monday, July 23, 2012

Flip Flops and Jellies for Genevieve

My girl sprouted right out of her shoes, so we went shoe shopping the other day.  "Girl time," she called it and we did have so much fun.

A sheep cookie from Granny's Bible school

She has been begging for flip-flops all summer and I have said no because she had Crocs, slip-on sneakers, and two pairs of Sunday sandals and that was enough. I wondered if I was being too strict, but guess what? there were only two pairs of summer shoes in her size at the consignment store and one was flip-flops that were not tacky and the other was clear jelly shoes with big yellow flowers.  Somehow they don't set off my tacky alarm, maybe because I recalled my own screamingly-bright jelly shoes when I was a little girl.

Genevieve was so delighted and we were jubilant together.  Plus, I got both pairs for a total of $5! 

You know, I didn't realize until I sat here typing, thinking about little girls and fancy clothes, how much God took care of this for me. The shoes filled a need, were not expensive, and delighted Genevieve's frill-loving heart. Wow.  I don't always see the finger of God in details like this, but in my heart I know it was God this time. 


Unknown said...

Isn't it wonderful how He takes care of us in such small details - like He's saying, "I know just what you're looking for, see, and I'll place it there for you just to prove that I care."
God is great - even in the 'small' things ; )

P.S. Love your sandals too!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Margo. What an uplifting post. I so enjoyed it. I love when God puts His hand in our lives and fills the needs in such a special way.[ Not only did He give Geneveia the shoes she wanted, but He supplied them at such a reasonable price. What an awsome God!!]
I love that you had the girls day fun.. Enjoy..

jodi said...

I really love this post. Seriously. I really love how God surprises us by meeting the little details of our desires. Also, I love the jellies. Probably because I too and remembering my own bright pair :)

Tracy said...

God? Absolutely! I saw it before I read your words. He's good, yes?

hipbabyclothes said...

Brilliant and just darling!

BLD in MT said...

Oh, my! Jelly shoes! I had forgotten.

And yes, blessing fall upon you. Its these small blessings we so often overlook, but I am not surprised that you have taken note. Good for you. (And your sweet girl!)

Polly said...

You know I LOVE that!!!!

Beth said...

Love hearing what God has done for you!

:-) Sweet story.