Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stuffed Peppers I Love

I'm not fond of those baked stuffed peppers where the peppers get sort of mushy and slimy and weird; in the past, I tried to improve their texture by using higher heat and oiling the outside of the peppers.  The results were not worth repeating, although I can't exactly recall the actual results.

Well, I got a much better idea from Kate at Motley Mama.  I grilled the pepper halves first, lightly oiled and salted.  Then I stuffed them with a quinoa, garlic, tapenade, feta mixture I made up, and popped them back on the still-hot grill to coalesce. 

They were delicious!  And easy!  However, my filling was too crumbly - it needed more cheese to hold it together.  I wonder what leftover macaroni and cheese, mixed with a few chopped tomatoes, would be like as a filling for these?  I need to tell you about our crockpot mac and cheese that we've been eating frequently for lunch this summer!

Anyway, I served the peppers with hummus, crackers, and cucumbers.  A lovely summer supper.


  1. You know, Margo - I never think of stuffing peppers with anything other than the usual hamburger and rice combination (in the oven, as you describe, LOL - but the supermarket peppers are so thick-walled that they don't get mushy, even though they're baking for two hours).

    Your ideas sound good. Especially for summer dinners. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness these look so good! I'm about to run to the grocery store for this week's groceries and I'm fitting this on the list for sure!

  3. My favourite stuffed pepper recipe (well, probably filled rather than stuffed) is a recipe that was very popular in the UK in the 90's.

    The (red, yellow or orange) peppers aren't stuffed with anything starchy, but filled with chunks of tomato (I'd halve cherry tomatoes and 1/4 or 1/8 anything bigger), slivers of garlic, a basil leaf each if you have it, chopped anchovy or a good slosh of Worcestershire sauce and a generous drizzle of olive oil. I never find these mushy, perhaps because they're not filled up so they grill rather than steam under the stuffing? Not sure, but they're a popular meal at our house, and my 8 year old daughters 'signature' meal to cook! (Long story, but all 3 children have one!)

  4. Hazel, everyone should have a signature meal or dish! I love your recipe for the peppers.

  5. What an interesting idea! I love raw peppers, but have never been fond of the texture of stuffed peppers. I will have to try this.


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