Thursday, November 3, 2011


Pretty:  the cabin. The light reflected from the snow makes rumpled beds look good - or is that just the yummy vintage rose blanket?

Happy:  a boy and his granny doing puzzles at the cabin.  It was a little vintage manger scene puzzle my mom got for dime at a garage sale a few miles away.

Funny:  that I choose stamps so assiduously, with an eye to color and theme.  This is a letter off to friends - I'm keeping up with my letter pledge!

Real: the life of a craft-seller.
Deb, from the cool local shop, is sending my scarves back to me.  They sold well last winter, but not a one this fall. Gah.

My self esteem is not built on these scarves, the etsy shop or even this blog, but still it's a downer.  The silver lining must be that I will have more time to sew family projects that are percolating in my head. 

Linking up with Rosie's collection of everyday contentment.  A lovely discipline.


Jennifer Jo said...

I'm so sorry about the return! Stuff like that bums me out, too. Then I walk around mumbling, "Buck up, Buttercup."

That last picture is fab, though. The rough background made me do a double take.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful sis!

BLD in MT said...

That rose blanket really is something. I like it a whole lot. The light too, but that blanket!

I am sorry to hear about your scarves. We just dropped off some new items to our local shop. I hope they go over well. You never know! But, you certainly know how to see the silver lining and I look forward to seeing some of those family projects!

simplicityinthemaking said...

It's not the scarves but the economy. People are spending their money on necessities not luxuries. That is what I am seeing in the craft market anyway.

Beth said...

The cabin getaway looks just wonderful! I'm ready for same!

That's a bummer about your scarves. I am glad you're not devastated.

And that photo of your sister - wow!!

Deanna Beth said...

It is a great photo of your sister. I'm sure she's a great muse, but I think your growing photography skills are wowing, too.

I admire your Pull Yourself Up By the Bootstraps mentality that is always present. I usually have to take to my bed before I can find the bootstraps.

Margo said...

DB, thank you. This blog is a good discipline for bootstraps because I like to focus on the useful and positive here. . . and wallowing, while temporarily useful, is just pathetic to look back on. But I wish I could preface every blog post by saying HEY THIS IS THE POSITIVE PART OF MY LIFE - I SHOW MY BAD JUNK TO PEOPLE WHO ARE PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN MY LIFE.

A said...

That picture of Sis is Fantastique. It looks like it's in a Nordic feature in National Geographic. No fun to be handed back scarves. However view it as the clientele that comes in there over and over has their scarves from last winter already and are onto something else. When the scarves are elsewhere--Etsy? they will interact with different clientele and perhaps find their match.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I'm LOVING that collage of stamps!!!!

Lisa said...

It seems like when you hit on something popular, you can't assume anything, and must still keep thinking of new items for the time when your popular thing starts to wane. It must be tough.