Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dark Days: Macaroni & Romanesco

I'm joining the Dark Days Challenge again this year.  This is a weekly meal using local, organic food.  I use quite a few local, organic ingredients, but once a week, I will use only those things.  It's a disciplined creativity - maybe it's a game like my patchwork?

This year I'm going to focus less on recipes (but you can always ask if you want me to post one!), and more on the menu itself and my family's reaction to it.

My first dark days meal was actually unintentional.  I was almost ready to set dinner on the table when I realized it was local. . . except for the dratted macaroni.  Had I been paying attention, I would have made the pasta or searched out local pasta.  I paid enough attention to photograph it then.

Macaroni and cheese with romanesco - local organic eggs, milk, cheese, romanesco.

Plus, a version of stewed tomatoes to eat on top of the macaroni.  I take a quart of home canned local tomatoes, throw them in on top of sauteed local onions, and simmer them down for almost an hour.  A pinch of some marjoram and basil, but not much - it's not spaghetti sauce.

And a green salad with purple cabbage, all local and organic.  It was dressed with a vinaigrette with local garlic.

My family's opinions:

Ben, age 3:  I love the macaroni and cheese and sauce, but not the salad.

Genevieve, age 6:  I liked the macaroni and cheese, but I did not like the broccoli [romanesco].

Husband: Very comforting meal.  And knowing I'm getting fresh vegetables is intellectually comforting.  Rating 4.9 out of 5 [5 = perfect] because the sauce was too juicy.


Jennifer Jo said...

"Intellectually comforting"---I like that.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I always enjoy your Dark Days posts... so inspiring for me in my own kitchen. I think the meal sounds delicious!

Stephanie said...

If I were the 6 year old, I would have objected because you mixed the broccoli into the mac & cheese, but I would have happily eaten each separately. It sometimes overcooks in casseroles... and mixing foods?!

Fortunately, I've grown out of it. Lovely supper.

Margo said...

Stephanie, I think that was her objection. We just kindly ignored it and figured she would eat if she was hungry. She did.

Rebecca said...

I just bought 3 heads of romanesco from good ol' Miller's. The checkout lady said that a previous customer had said, "That stuff looks dangerous". Dangerously delicious, how 'bout. I keep thinking I'll do something new and exciting with it but we can't get enough of it roasted with olive oil and salt.

Beth said...

Liked the family commentary. Looks like a yummy comfort food, like your hubby said. Pass me a bowl!

Sarah Barry said...

I love a meal challenge. The tomato sauce on top of the macaroni --- mmmm. You are a girl after my own heart.

Polly said...

Oh yum. Local comfort food,'is ther anything better?!

Chiot's Run said...

So glad you're participating in the Dark Days Challenge! This sounds like a fabulous meal, what's not to love about noodles, cheese and vegetables?

Can't wait to see what other great meals you come up with this year!