Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Twirliest Twirly Skirt

Genevieve says she wants to wear dresses (not skirts), but it took me a while to realize that what she was after was the twirl factor.

Inspired by Jennifer Jo's daughter, I made her the fattest twirly skirt I could for her birthday.

The last ruffle was 9 yards in length.  Nine YARDS.  It was rather chaotic under my needle.  The finished skirt looks like there's a crinoline under there, there's so much fabric. 
I didn't use a pattern, and all the plaids were passed on from Mrs. R.  The shorts were made from an orphan pillowcase from my friend Kim.  All free to me.

I also made Genevieve little red shorts with blue topstitching, but in these photos she opted for purple pants and white Easter shoes. 

She is a 6 year old with her own style!

Six.  Holy cow.


  1. Oh yay! My daughter wears her skirt to church almost every Sunday and then entertains herself by plucking out the gathering threads.

  2. haha - that was my shortcut: no pre-gathering. I just bunched it up and sewed it.

  3. That is one fabulous skirt! Clara says, "Could Margo show me how to make a skirt like that?" And Happy B-day to Evs.

  4. You've inspired me! I think I know a girl or two who would love skirts like that. Love the mismatched plaids. Love the fullness. You are a good mother.

  5. Rebecca, tell Clara YES it's not hard at all!

  6. My little guy is turning 6 next month...such a big boy!
    I love that shirt!!! Does she twirl and sit down quick on the floor so that it goes out all around her - I used to do that : )

  7. I love her style, and I love your creation!

    When my oldest turned six it was hard. Six seems so... school age'ish.

  8. Oooohhh! Brisa would be so jealous if she knew about that skirt! Although, she would request a few more ruffles to make it a little longer. How long would the next ruffle be? :)

  9. You're supermom! If I could sew, I'd probably try making some of lotsa twirlers at my house. :-)

    Thanks for visiting the other day - was lovely to "see" you ;-)

  10. Anika was looking over my shoulder when I read this post and she said, "Cool, mom!" Which I think meant - 'cool mom'! Way to go Margo - it is such a happy looking skirt.


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