Monday, November 7, 2011

My Face After 10 Miles

In the dusk, just home from a day at my job, after biking the 10 miles home.  I am so proud of myself!

I am fortunate enough to take the bus out to my job in the morning, with my bike on the bus rack.  Then in the evening, I bike the 10 miles home.  It's a beautiful ride, a perfect antidote to a desk job (even a desk job I love).

I aim to bike home once a week, but between a rainy summer and wintry dark and cold, I don't get out there so often anymore.

I bike because
1.  my husband thinks it's cool
2.  it's exercise
3.  it feels a little like flying
4.  I'm proud of myself (10 miles was a really big deal to me when I started)
5.  I get to pass buggies sometimes

The equipment I use/acquired to make this bike ride possible:
1.  my old Schwinn bike
2.  helmet
3.  sunglasses with mirror attached
4.  padded biking shorts
5.  running tights to wear under the shorts for warmth
6.  blinking taillight and headlight
7.  bike rack with saddlebags for change of clothes, lunch, and book to read on the bus

Riding my bike home from work is not directly thrifty (the equipment, even carefully researched and bought, cost money), but the way it soothes my mind and exercises my body is a wonderful bargain for me.


  1. Bravo! It is cool! So healthy too - mind, body, spirit - such a good thing to teach your children : )

  2. Very cool. A little alone time, to think and unwind, a bit of exercise, and a good example for your children, too!

  3. What a great way to destress after work!

  4. I agree with Mr. Thrift! Very cool!

  5. Yeah!!! That is so great--smart, efficient, fun. I used to bike all over the city in college. I really miss riding my was fun to fly around campus. I did it without a helmet, like an idiot--I wish I could go smack my 19 year old self. I still enjoy biking but haven't done much of it in the last decade!!

  6. Way to go! I'll bet Mr. Thrift thinks you're pretty hot in your gear!

    I'm with you, bike riding is... tonic -- fresh air breathed, stress relieved, nature enjoyed... My favorite mornings are the ones when I strap Sister (wearing her tiny pink and purple helmet) into the baby seat on my bike and we set off on a ride shortly after the men in our life have left for the day.

  7. Way to go! 10 miles and oh, you look pleased and proud!

    I ride to and from work (only 5 miles round trip) in the spring and summer. Matt rides with me in the morning. I wouldn't trade it for anything. It really is the perfect anecdote to a (great) desk job. For so many reasons.

    Is your riding season about to draw to a close? Or can you ride year round? I do not ride in snow (like this week). Its just a rule I have.

    I would love to pass a buggy.

  8. BLD, my husband is convinced I can ride through the cold (not snow), but I'd need some additional gear for that to happen. You really have the perfect commute length - and partner!


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