Monday, November 21, 2011

A Ruffle Scarf for a Little Girl

Because I thought the neck of her sweater seemed too open in the sharpening wind. 

And she loves pretty things.

And by happy accident, Aunt Mel got her a little purple beanie and now it all goes together.

Even the flannel argyle seems to go with her backpack.  I chose the argyle with future sweaters and coats in mind - although it was such a fun little sewing project that I'm sure I wouldn't mind making more to match.

Genevieve wore her ruffle scarf to school, excited to tell her teacher about it. . . but what she actually said was "my mom has an etsy shop!"  I love that glimpse into a child's perspective.


You Can Call Me Jane said...

So very sweet (both the scarf and the daughter):-).

Lisa said...

Yes, the wind is getting sharper - I got out a couple of scarves today. That ruffled one is very cute!