Friday, November 4, 2011

A Meal for a New Baby

I loved receiving meals when we had our babies, so I am quick to volunteer for this now.  I enjoy tailoring the meals to the family, so I don't have a standard menu.  However, I do mark the meals I make in my supper notebook.  This way, I have some fallback menus and I can note which food was easy to transport.  (In college, I made a homemade pizza for dear friends in my 2.5 foot diameter pizza pan.  Then I was stumped when it came time to transport the big, hot pizza.  Duh.)

What I aim to do:

1.  Make a generous meal, but light on dessert.

2.  Make a double batch and then my family eats the same supper.  Efficient.

3.  Take the food in containers and bags that do not need to be returned (I recall the headache it was to to keep containers straight and then transport them back to church, all while juggling a new baby).

4.  Make some burpcloths for the baby.  Pretty and practical, plus easy for me to pull off.

Yesterday's menu was for a family that doesn't eat red meat: 

San Francisco Fish Stew (from More with Less)
brown rice
green salad with poppyseed dressing
Wacky Cake


Jennifer Jo said...

Next time you order pizza, save the box. Then you can take a homemade pizza to your newest parents!

beth said...

great way to give!

Margo said...

thank you, JJ, that's a great tip!

Mr. Thrift said...

The stew was delish. And late at night, laying in bed, Margo says . . . "oh! I forgot to add the lemon juice to the dish!". Didn't notice a thing.

Lisa said...

What a lovely package!

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

Such practical tips, especially the one about writing down your menus... I always seem to get stumped when it comes to deciding what to deliver.

I love delivering meals to families with a new baby so that I can see (and hold!) the baby... selfish motivation!

Polly said...

Smart and sweet! It is so, so nice to have hot meals delivered to your doorstep when you have a new baby. Bless you for it, margo!!!!!