Monday, November 14, 2011

Victorian-Orphan Soup

I tell you it's tasty soup (Cabbage and Barley Soup from More with Less), but I made the mistake of using purple cabbage.  At first the soup was a light lavender, but then it turned an odd shade of grey.

The former cabbage, barley, and carrots became unidentifiable things floating in sludge.  Isn't that what storybook orphans were fed?

No one pounced on these leftovers, and they died in the compost pile. 

Lesson learned:  we eat with our eyes. 
Second lesson learned:  use purple cabbage in raw preparations only.


Unknown said...

He he he : ) I'm glad I'm not the only one to learn this lesson. I used purple cabbage in cole slaw - fine the first one would touch it the next day. It had to go to the compost too!
Another thing that's a big deal for me is how something smells. I've always been queasy about sea food because I can't stand the smell of it cooking...
Or the smell of hot grease - ack! I love bacon and sausages, but sometimes I can't stand the smell of them cooking : )

BLD in MT said...

Lesson learned!

Actually, that exact same thing happened with some mashed potatoes I made with a mixture of gold, white, and purple potatoes. Lovely lavender at first. Weird and grey later.

At least you compost so its not like the goodness went to the trash!

Lisa said...

It's too bad, because it must have tasted as good as the regular version. I'm definitely in a soup mode lately.

sara said...

Very nutricious nevertheless, I'm sure Oliver Twist would still have asked for more! x

Anonymous said...

lol, I did the same thing recently with the purple cabbage. Since it was just me and my husband(no little ones to please)we went by taste, not appearances, and ate it all up. I think we decided not to do that again though. lol

Sarah Barry said...

i have roasted purple cabbage before with evoo and salt. cut in shreds and spread on a cookie sheet. very yummy, in my opinion.