Monday, October 31, 2011

We Now Return to our Regularly Scheduled Season

A weekend in October at the cabin. . . in snow!

We had a fun photo shoot for my etsy shop - my beautiful mother, sister, and sister in law as models.

  I'll be listing new things this week and next. 

I'm studying my camera manual and a dSLR book from the library - trying to move beyond point and shoot with my nice big Canon 10D.  In my fumblings,  I accidentally shot about 200 photos in ISO 800 instead of 400.  sighhhhhh

I didn't document the cozy familiar cabin routines of food, games, bonfire, and long walks.  I read a lot and lazed around.

In lieu of kick the can in the wet snow, we played sardines (hide and seek in the dark) inside with the children.  They were ecstatic.  It was a lovely vacation.


Deanna Beth said...

I don't know what ISO 800 is. (I'm trying to figure out how to be a better photographer, too.)

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

A snowy weekend getaway sounds wonderful!

ISO 800 as opposed to 400 isn't a huge deal breaker. Yes, you'll see a little more noise (grainy-ness) in your photos, but other than that all should be well. I would rather have an ISO set slightly higher than needed rather than too low.

You go girl, way to take on the camera -- you'll get it!

Margo said...

Christian, the problem was that the snow was giving a lot of reflected light, so I did see noticeable grainyness in the photos. But yeah, it could have been worse. I was setting the f-stops too, for some, but I couldn't tell if that was making my photos better or not. Fumbling!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures regardless. The hide and seek sounds like fun.