Friday, October 14, 2011

My Kitchen Color is "Bright"

I was making fajitas for supper the other day - I turned, turned, turned and snapped these photos.

The main parts of my kitchen - floor, walls, cabinets, appliances - are rather neutral.

But everything else is little blobs of color.  I call these bright kitchen colors - is that how you think of kitchens? 

When I sew kitchen things like oven towels and hotpads, I gravitate towards bright kitchen colors.  I have to remember to sew some other colors for everybody else.  I made four new oven towels for the shop:  the same eye-popping combo on my new ironing board cover, another night kitchen series with retro flowers, a simple bright calico, and - for everybody else - an earth toned oven towel.


Jennifer Jo said...

I much prefer to have the big stuff (walls, cabinets, floor) be white and then add color where and when I want it.

Christian - Modobject@Home said...

I'd say that my decorating trend in general is a neutral palette with punches of color. The professor and I have been been accused of being afraid of color, which really isn't true at all, we just prefer to use it as an accessory. Your colorful kitchen towels are nice accessories!

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agree with Jennifer Jo and Christian. After 6 years of saturated color all over the walls and floors (burnt orange rug, get thee behind me) I'm ready for neutral everything with color contributed by my stuff. The ocean of primer needed, however, daunts me.