Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Definition: a Grandma Weaver Project

Grandma Weaver: adj. 1. to make something quickly without stopping to measure much or plan too far ahead  2.  sloppy, with shortcuts (but done!)  3.  an item made with whatever is on hand, regardless of suitability

I used to make all Grandma Weaver sewing projects.  Unfortunately, they were mostly clothes and it showed.

I've learned to be more discriminating in my sewing approaches.  There is the Rebecca Way, where I use pins and an iron at every step, marking all pattern pieces before I start construction.  It produces fine, fine garments (for example).

Then there is the Grandma Weaver Way for things that don't show so much. . . little sewing projects for the kids that soon are forgotten or run to pieces in the back yard. . . diaper soakers. . .cloth bags for quilt storage. . . you get the picture.

Today's exhibit is a Grandma Weaver project.  I added a layer of not-quite-long-enough fabric to my ironing board cover.  I flopped the cover right on top of the fabric and cut around it (no tracing, oh no).   I pieced the fabric to make it long enough (the iced tea glasses go two different ways now) and added a strip of red picnic tablecloth for fun.  I pinned nothing - I pulled at it and eyeballed it instead and stitched it right on top.  Underneath, I jerked bunches of fabric tighter with those ironing board elastics.

I'm a little astonished at how respectable it looks. . . .and very pleased that I used fabric on hand (not too beloved! not light - must look good with turquoise walls) to gain some more time with an old ironing board cover that had a hole worn in it.

p.s.  And thanks to Sarah's post for the definition inspiration!


  1. It looks so great!!! I love love love that fabric--it looks so fresh and happy on the ironing board. That needs to be the next step in sprucing up my laundry area!

  2. I think I quite like Grandma Weaver, she sounds a little "devil may care"......lovely result.x

  3. And didn't it get gorgeous! You're a credit to grandma's of every description.

  4. It's beautiful! And I hadn't noticed the glasses going two different directions until you mentioned it. I was taken in by the cheerful colors. Almost makes me want to iron the Rebecca way. Almost...

  5. Oh my goodness this got me laughing. Unfortunately, I Grandma Weaver a lot of my projects.

    Yours turned out great.

  6. I did not just make a plural with an apostrophe. (blush) Even Grandma Weaver wouldn't tolerate that.

  7. Did you make up these appellations? I confess I'm more of the Grandma Weaver bent, but not always, hopefully! Still, this post shows there's a place for either approach. :)

  8. Lisa, oh yes, I made these up.

    Rebecca, I was a little startled by that :)


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