Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local Organic Chicken Stock

First batch of stock for the season.

3 chicken backs for $1.50 a pound
3 bunches of carrot tops from the freezer
some onions
a head of garlic
biggest stockpot full of water
Roasted. Simmered for 24 hours.  Jarred.  Frozen.  Local organic chicken stock! Tasty and chock full of stuff to make smart students, energetic play time, creative thinkers, healthy immunities, and deep sleepers.  I love nurturing my family in this way.


  1. I jar and freeze my stock, too. Though when it gets really thick, I just spoon it into a bag. I LOVE the stuff. I use it in place of water when cooking rice---soooo good!

  2. And, don't forget, fabulous dressers. (Adore the pink mules.)

  3. You are so industrious........just thinking about all the heartwarming stews, soups and pie gravies you'll be making this winter. x

  4. I agree, there is something so very satisfying about making simple things like chicken stock and bread.

  5. I made chicken broth for the first time last year and your post is a reminder that I need to make some more soon. I use whatever is left after I cut off the meat from the in bone chicken breast or what is left of the hindquarters after cutting them up that wouldn't normally get used.

    It is very satisfying to make these kind of things from scratch!

  6. So I made Julia Child's fricassee de poulet a l'ancienne tonight. The broth I had going includes vermouth and I will use that leftover broth in my stock. I'm happy with how that will flavor my stock.

  7. Oh you are good!!! I admit I've not gotten past throwing the vegetable or chicken stock (Kitchen Basics brand--I like it a lot) in my cart as I whizz through the store. Hmmm...maybe when my baby is a little older....maybe then I will tackle homemade stock!!!

  8. DB, that better appear on your blog with more details. I don't know half of what you explained and I'd rather you explained it than google!

  9. I've never made my own stock, but I've been saving scraps! I think I almost have enough to give it a go! Way to go our your sustainable stock!

  10. Well, it's just chicken fricassee and, yes, I'm working on a blog post. I like cooking meat in wine lately. Good flavor.


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