Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Dinner on a Very Busy Weekend

Suffice to say we had three big events this weekend, with two vacations and three birthdays breathing hotly down our necks.  There have been tears - of joy, and of weariness.

Dahlias from a friend - they look like lush summer to me, not autumn.  I can't get over their beauty.  And there are wedding flowers, too, that didn't get photographed.

A wedding bow discovery: tie a regular bow as if tying a shoe, but with very long tails.  Then do it again right on top of the first one, and do it until you run out of tails.  This photo shows three bows.  The ribbon was lightly wired, so I was able to puff the loops into an even prettier bow. 

I was not fond of this ribbon, a freebie, on its own, but with the deep discount gold foil paper, it turns out to be a very nice autumnal package.

So in the midst of all this, we had a quiet little family Sunday dinner.  I wasn't even going to mention it here, but Genevieve made a sign.  Of her own volition (she did ask how to spell "kale" and "millet").

We ate a vegetarian millet casserole that I put together Saturday in about 10 minutes. 

 - - -Mix together 4 cups cooked millet or another grain,
1-2 cups salsa,
then finely minced (food processor)  1 bell pepper, hot pepper, 4 tomatoes, and 1-3 cloves garlic. 
Black beans optional.
Cheese on top. 
350 for 45 minutes- - -

 Then Sunday morning, I chopped up the collards (not kale, as Genevieve thought), and put them in the Dutch oven with sugar, salt, and garlic.  I turned them on when we got home from church and let them go for 10-15 minutes. 

A simple healthy dinner in the midst of all the candy and rich meals.  The essence of home.


Unknown said...

Such pretty flowers! I love the way that bow came out! We had a busy weekend too - 15 people at our house for Sunday Dinner : )

BLD in MT said...

That is a good tip with the bow. A little extra fancy, but with nothing extra!

Genevieve's sign is so cute. Also, as a grown up that had to train herself to like any vegetables at all it makes my heart soooooo happy everytime I see children who enjoy their vegetables at that age as much as I do now. Props to you Margo.

Deanna Beth said...

Pefect Hunker Down Together Meal on a Spread Out and Scatter kind of day.